TRYVAC design, engineer & supplies pre-fabricated skid in completely assembled, wired & tested.

It can be tailor-made to meet specific requirements. We are having capability for mechanical, Electrical design and detailing of skid mounted/modular process equipment for various applications such as Gas pressure Reduction Skids, Metering Skids, Filtration skids ,fuel gas skid etc...

Filtration Skids

  • Tryvac fabricates filters for Natural Gas/oil applications in accordance with ASME SEC VIII.
  • The components sourcing is our strength.

We can design and manufacture:

  • Cartridge filtration skid
  • Industrial filter skid
  • Automatic filtration skid
  • Lub oil filtration skids

Metering Skids

  • Tryvac provides total solution for the custody transfer of fiscal metering packages for oil and gas industries.
  • We under take the mechanical design and calculations, development of P & ID, E & I design and fabrication required for complete the metering skid integration.
  • Test runs can be carried out at our place to suit the requirement of standards.

Our team of experts in this field will propose appropriate instrument and equipment (like motorized valves, strainers, control valves, piping materials, pressure and temperature instruments, electrical item etc) required for the metering skid package. Tryvac provides total solution till handing over of metering skids for oil and gas industries.

Pressure reduction skids

Compact structure, the equipment can be supplied in a skid-mounted mode or divided into several modules.

Adopting optimal flow design, automatic switching between the master line and slave line can be realized, ensuring continuous gas supply and high reliability in the downstream.

According to the user’s requirements the following functions can be added:

  • Noise elimination
  • Monitoring
  • Remote control
  • SCADA system and
  • Heat tracing etc.

Chemical injection skids:

Chemical Dosing Skids are custom engineered injection system, dispensing chemicals into parent liquid and gas lines.

The application covers the hydration in oil & gas, treatment of water etc. The system is capable of injecting metered liquid into the pipeline at desired location at desired intervals.

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